Coolant Filters


Coolant Filters

Freddy Nano is designed to remove coolant, swarf and oil form machine tool sumps, separates particles, and returns clean filtered coolant back to the tank. This process is done continuously by using a power module for suction and an independent pump for return.

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Product Description

Overfill Prevention System
A float assembly automatically stops suction while allowing the pump to continues to discharge.


  • Elimination of paper band filter and magnetic separator.
  • Avoid contamination of coolant after grinding.
  • Better accuracy and consistency of grinding process and machining process
  • Longer coolant life as coolant gets aeriated, kills bacteria and improves tool life

Tank Capacity : 10 Liters
Outlet Flow : 35 LPM
Vacuum Suction :190 LPM
Power Requirement : 2.2 KW 220 V
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 900 x 640 x 870 mm, 76 Kgs

Freddy Nano can be used as a maintenance machine, where one can wheel it around between machines an clean coolant from its tanks.

It can also be used as a continuously filtration system, where Nano can be plugged in permanently to a machine. Freddy Nano can be used on any type of media which is not corrosive.

Continous Suction filter
The suction rate of the machine is over 3 liters per second with continuous discharge as mentioned below.

Independent Filter
Nano’s independent filter enables 37 liters of swarf to be collected and easily removed.

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