Electro Chemical Deburring


Electro Chemical Deburring

ECM deburring works on the principle of electrolysis, the part which is to be deburred is given a positive connection, and the tool is given a negative connection. When an electrolyte is pumped in between them and a DC voltage is applied, burr gets removed and carried away in the electrolyte.

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Product Description

ECM deburring can be used to deburr all kinds of metal components, and it is very well suited for mass production. A volume of 3,000 to 10,000 per day can be achieved depending on the size of the component and the deburring area. The effective cycle time for most of the components would be 60 seconds. There will be a de-colourisation around the area of deburring.

Multiple types of components can be deburred simultaneously on the machine. The machine is generic and it can be used for deburring different components by changing the electrode.

Burrgon V4 works on the Next Gen Electrolyte, which is anti–corrosive and non-evaporative. It consumes 350% less power when compared to traditional electrolytes. It is bio degradable and eco friendly, it has a higher boiling point than that of water and a low freezing point, which means that the electrolyte does not require a heater for start up. The machine comes with a in built chilling unit which controls the temperature of the electrolyte.

The machine pricing is so effective that the ROI can be achieved in 8 to 10 months with a production volume of 40 to 50k per month. The running cost of the machine alone is Rs. 5 per hour, hence the cost saving is high. An Unskilled/ semi skilled worker can comfortably use the machine with ease. The rejection rate is zero, since the deburring process driven and not human driven.

  • Production Max 40,000 Per day
  • Cost Per hour Rs.5
  • Built in Chiller

Price: INR between 3 Lacs to 7 Lacs

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